The Internet is made up of a rather vast network of content; Among images, news and videos, I bet that at least once you have lost yourself doing a search on the Web. Suddenly you find yourself navigating through different content than the ones you were initially looking for, without knowing how you got there.

Have I intrigued you with this premise? I hope so, because in my guide I want to talk to you about how Pinterest works, a social network based on sharing photos, videos and images, which will allow you to make order on the Web.

I bet you would like to know more at this point; in addition to wondering how Pinterest works, I guess you’ll want to know how you can use it to the fullest. Did I hit on? Do not worry, I have the answers you are looking for. Reading this guide dedicated to Pinterest, you can discover in detail all the features of this social network. I will explain everything to you in a simple and step by step way; you will discover how you can create virtual bulletin boards on Pinterest and then you can catalog the images of the Web.

Pinterest is accessible by smartphone through the dedicated application, so keep your favorite device in the hands of Android and IOS. The application is not available for Windows devices, so alternatively you can browse Pinterest even from the Web, through any browser. Are you ready? Start!

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Among all social networks, Pinterest, founded in 2010, seems to be one of the favorites for a mainly female audience. At the aesthetic and conceptual level, you will realize that Pinterest resumes the idea of pinning the contents not to be missed, as on a blackboard. The platform allows you to create thematic virtual whiteboards on many topics: fashion, beauty, movies, places to visit and much more. I have listed only a few, since the categories of Pinterest are quite numerous.

Once you have registered in Pinterest, you will be able to explore all the categories you want and pinning (i.e. pin virtually) All the images you want to save, categorize them under a virtual theme board, called a bulletin board. Do not worry if at the theoretical level everything seems difficult, in fact it is very simple and intuitive; You will learn very fast.

Pinterest App download

To start using Pinterest, I suggest you download the app for Android and IOS mobile devices. Then take your smartphone or tablet, open your device’s default store, and type Pinterest into the integrated search engine. Alternatively, below is the link to download the application directly.

Unfortunately, the Pinterest application is not available on the Microsoft Store for Windows devices. But you can also visit Pinterest through your smartphone’s browser or directly from PC and Mac. To do this you can simply connect to the site it.pinterest.com.

Already done? Fine. Now let’s see the procedures together to make the registration. Whether you’re using the application, whether you’re browsing Pinterest via a Web browser, you’ll need to register for Pinterest. You can register via email or even via Facebook.

Once you have registered, Pinterest will ask you for some information related to the content you are looking for. Choose 4 or more categories to view the interest content you’ve selected. Tap the red button located below when you’re done.

Save Pin on Pinterest

Save Pin on Pinterest

Once you have registered and listed an initial list with your interests, Pinterest will begin to show you a selection of themed content. You can scroll down to infinity to always see new images.

Have you found something you like and would like to save it? No problem. You can Pin on an image to save it on your virtual bulletin board. How do you do it? Simply tap the image and press the Red save button. A dialog screen will now open: Pinterest will tell you that to save an image, you must first create a virtual bulletin board. Give the name to this first bulletin board to save us in the Pin. If you don’t find a suitable name, Pinterest will suggest you some. When you have decided, press the Create button.

Made this first operation, for each content you want Pinning, Pinterest will ask you in which bulletin board you want to save your future pins. You can save everything in a single bulletin board, but also create all the message boards you want, without any kind of limitation.

At any time you can access the pins you have saved and view the message boards you create. To do this you just need to go to your profile (symbol of the top right of the app or button saved by Web browser). On the screen dedicated to your profile you can find a complete summary of all the pins you have saved and the message boards you have created.

Interacting with a Pin on Pinterest

On Pinterest you can interact with a multimedia content in several other ways, in addition to the simple Pin on the bulletin board. You can find all the tools for the interaction under the image you clicked on. In particular you can see the presence of 3 symbols: a V-check, the symbol of a heart and that of a paper airplane. The first symbol, the tick, you can use it to keep track of the pins you’ve tried and leave helpful hints. A very useful feature in case you are viewing content that you can play comfortably at home, like a cooking recipe for example. You can also decide to leave a traditional comment via the comments form below the image.

The symbol of the heart is the classic method to put I like, as you already certainly do when you use other social networks. The paper Airplane button allows you to send a Pin to a desired user. On mobile devices, there are additional possibilities through the application. Touch the three-dot symbol for more interactions: Among the most useful features is the possibility to download the image and save it in the memory of your device, but also to copy the link to share it elsewhere.

You can also interact with a Pin on Pinterest through the visit button. Images uploaded to Pinterest can be associated with a link on a Web page. If you touch the visit button you will be redirected to the website that the Pin’s author chose to link to the image.

Also, by applying Pinterest on mobile devices, there are also a number of shortcuts for interacting with pins more immediately. Hold your finger on an image you want to interact with: All the buttons I mentioned above will appear. You can then choose whether to pinnare a content in a bulletin board (Pushpin symbol), I like (symbol of the heart), send the content to another user (symbol of the paper airplane). Through these shortcuts, you can also choose to press the three-dot button. Then tap the entry this pin I do not care, if you want to delete a pin from the list of those who are offered.

Another tool dedicated to the interaction of the multimedia content of Pinterest that you can use is the symbol of the magnifying glass located inside a box, which allows you to search for visibly similar content. This particular symbol is located in the upper right corner of the photo. If you click, you will have the image scanned by Pinterest.

Through this tool, the social network will get you a list of similar images. You can use the magnifying glass to explore similar ideas starting from a Pin. You can use this tool to highlight the entire image at your own pace. But I give you a little hint: if you narrow the field of magnification, you can focus on the search, starting from the details in the images.

Find new pins on Pinterest

Find new pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a very useful tool to find new ideas to share. You can find new pins by directly searching for an image for a particular keyword or topic.

You can find new pins in different ways, first of all, looking for them directly in the search engine (symbol of the lens). As on Google, clearly searches are done by keywords. But you can also search with generic keywords; It will then be Pinterest that will suggest you more keywords to narrow down the field. For example: If you type Chinese cuisine in the Pinterest search engine, the social network will ask you if you are looking for recipes, spaghetti or ravioli. When you do a search, Pinterest will list all pins corresponding to that keyword, also looking for your pins and your message boards.

To search for a Pin on Pinterest you can do a search also starting from a category. You can find the full list of categories by tapping the lens symbol on Android and IOS mobile devices. If you are logged in to Pinterest via desktop browser, tap the categories Menu to see the full list of available sections.

Upload a photo to Pinterest

If you want, you can upload your saved images to your mobile device’s memory or your computer’s storage space to Pinterest. The process is very simple, I’ll explain it step by step. First go to your profile of Pinterest by tapping the icon of the little man.

Once you’re on your profile, you just tap the + symbol which is in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll then see a drop-down menu called Add Bulletin board or PIN and there will be two options available to add a new bulletin board or a new PIN. Tap the photo entry within the Pin menu. It will then open a new screen that will ask you to choose the image from the memory of your mobile device that will be uploaded to Pinterest.

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