Facebook ADS not working?

Facebook ADS not working?

Facebook ads not working: unclear goals

Facebook should be used with a certain goal in mind. Like any other marketing media or advertising channel.

Without a true goal and strategy, ads are doomed to fail. The amount of money you are willing to invest doesn’t matter.

To get the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to set clear goals.

What do you expect from Facebook advertising?

  • Increase brand visibility?
  • Selling a product?
  • Generate new leads?

The ability to communicate with users, grouped according to tastes and preferences, makes Facebook a wonderful platform for building a new brand from scratch. But this opportunity can only be fully exploited when an objective has been defined in a clear and concrete way.

Facebook ads that don’t work: misuse of content marketing

Facebook ads are not “magic wands” that can pull rabbits out of hats.

They only work when inserted into a strategy, to be used with the precision of a surgeon.

To do this, you need suitable tools. These tools are the contents. Content marketing is the reason for the success of Facebook ads.

You can use the ad platform to give a new push and greater visibility to your content (a text, an offer, a video and so on). But, of course, the starting point remains the quality of the content: if you write a post that is not interesting, publish an offer that is not convenient, spread a banal and boring video … there is no advertising that matters.

If the content is not good, your ad will fail to achieve the goal for which it was created.

And it is not a question of budget: indeed, if the content is of good quality, you can also reduce your investment by focusing on its “organic” reach.

Facebook, SME speaking to the wrong audience

I often see ads that don’t interest me in the least: it is a sign that the entrepreneur has misconfigured the target audience.

I will never become his client: I am not interested in his product, I have other tastes, or I am on the other side of the world. Untargeted people will see your ad, you pay for that view, but you get nothing. It is a waste of resources and money.

Facebook Ads offers advertisers the ability to set the exact preferences of their target audience.

You can even set filters based on postcode, age, educational qualification and so on. To make a Facebook ad successful, you need to reach the right target audience, with perfect content and consistent text or image.

Facebook unsuccessful ads

Facebook is a social network.

We’ve said this before, but it never hurts to repeat it: people aren’t on social media to buy.

Facebook is not a market. You can meet people, make friends with them and try to turn them into customers.

If you try to sell something to someone right away, be prepared to get nasty surprises.

Customers see Facebook as a channel to interact and stay connected with a brand they like.

Don’t use social media to sell cold! Instead, use them as tools to be visible to old and new customers, to communicate with them, stay in touch. With potential customers, use remarketing to show them products and content they’ve already interacted with.

Target users of these strategies are 4 times more likely to convert than new customers.

Improve Facebook Ads

70% of companies are unable to get a return on investment from Facebook ads.

Your company must necessarily be part of the remaining 30%. You can stand out, follow some best practices, and make Facebook Ads work for you.

Remember, failure is not the fault of Facebook ads. It’s the way you use them that makes the difference.

Use this opportunity wisely and you will see that it can work as a sales and lead generation machine for you.